Who We Are

EMEX is a technology-driven energy firm that facilitates the procurement of electricity and natural gas supply alongside innovative, cost-cutting energy solutions across North America. EMEX has developed a proprietary procurement technology platform that uncovers the lowest rates for electricity and natural gas supply in all deregulated markets. 

EMEX’s highly skilled team educates customers about the workings of and options available in the energy market place in order to ensure the best energy solution. EMEX is headquartered in Houston, TX, with additional operations in Dallas, TX; Waco, TX; Detroit, MI and Trenton, NJ.

Our Mission

EMEX’s mission is to deliver first-class procurement solutions and simplified energy services to organizations of every size and industry. Leveraging advanced proprietary technology, deep market insights, and our team’s collective expertise, we develop increasingly valuable and customizable strategies designed to reduce energy costs and make organizations more energy-efficient.


Our Core Values



Technology is the cornerstone of EMEX, and we pride ourselves on being in the forefront of online procurement and energy solutions.


As your energy partner, EMEX works to ensure you receive the best possible product from the most reputable suppliers nationwide.


Leveraging our proven energy market expertise, we tailor energy solutions around your organization’s precise needs and long-term energy objectives.


Using EMEX’s proprietary technology and reverse auction platform, we ensure honest and transparent competition from all suppliers across the board.