Streamlined energy procurement solutions for utilities, industrial clients and producers

In today’s changing energy landscape, supply chain managers are under pressure to increase efficiencies, enable growth and lower costs. Thankfully, technology has driven numerous changes to the energy procurement field and created new ways for supply chain executives to innovate their sourcing strategies.

Wholesale and mid-market buyers of natural gas, power and refined petroleum products can now take advantage of best-in-class auction technology from EMEX Utility Group (EUG). EUG will work within your existing approved supplier base, or introduce you to new suppliers from our vast network, to serve virtually any region within the continental United States.

EMEX Utility Group (EUG) Can Help Your Organization Procure:

  • Base Load Supply (Physical Gas or Power)
  • Spot-Market Supply (Physical Gas or Power)
  • Refined Petroleum Products (Physical)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

The EUG auction platform allows for bids or offers to be made on multiple terms during the same auction, allowing end users to efficiently evaluate several purchasing options at once. All EUG auctions are recorded and available for board or regulator review, and we provide timestamped auction history documentation following each event upon request.

Industrial Energy Procurement - EMEX

Our Wholesale Approach 

Instead of taking weeks for approval like a traditional RFP, our auction’s awarding decisions are typically made within hours – saving you even more time on the energy procurement process. Even further, auctions also decrease the amount of paperwork associated with the award process and boost transparency at every stage – which is a much-needed advantage in the public sector.

EMEX Utility Group (EUG) offers a wide variety of auction formats to help buyers and sellers connect with unparalleled transparency. We streamline the RFP and procurement process by helping you reduce your administrative time and effort.

EMEX’s Auction Types Include:

  • Reverse or Forward
  • Price and Location
  • Price and Term
  • Price and Volume
  • Asset Management Agreement (AMA)
  • Producer Sale


Utilizing EUG’s advanced auction technology, suppliers compete in real-time for your business.

Additionally, to ensure complete transparency for the client, we provide you with a full view of each supplier’s name and offer during the EUG auction. Suppliers, on the other hand, receive a more limited view of auction proceedings, with names of competitors removed to prevent collusion.

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