Earn More Revenue
with Less Energy Usage

With EMEX as your demand response partner, you’ll have a team of proven experts dedicated to lowering your overall energy costs and boosting your operational efficiency.

Increased energy demands are putting our nation’s power grids under tremendous strain during short-term periods of peak energy usage. Rather than investing huge sums of money into new generation facilities, local and regional grid operators are willing to offer organizations financial incentives for executing low-consumption strategies at these times.

Through our demand response solutions, your EMEX Energy Analyst can help your organization reduce your overall consumption while earning payments and bill credits to lower your monthly energy costs.

Here are just a few of the programs
available through EMEX:

  • Economic Curtailment
  • Emergency Load Response
  • Critical Peak Rebates
  • Coincident Peak Management

Our Demand Response Approach

With demand response as part of your organization’s energy strategy, you’ll open yourself up to new sources of additional revenue – and potentially lower your future energy delivery costs by helping to stabilize the grid.

Here’s how EMEX
demand response solutions work:

  • Assess Your Options: Working with your EMEX Energy Analyst, we’ll explore the availability of demand response programs and the financial incentives accessible to your organization.
  • Make Strategic Decisions: After putting together the top demand response options available, we help your organization determine which program(s) suit your budget, energy usage, and business objectives.
  • Sign Up: Leveraging your energy strategy, we help your organization get registered for the approved programs.
  • Reduce Consumption: Once you’re approved with your preferred demand response program(s), simply reduce your energy consumption during the agreed upon periods.
  • Collect Revenue: Not only will you save on your energy bills each month, your organization will start to receive cash rewards and/or bill credits as part of the demand response program(s).

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

Discover more about lowering your energy costs by reaching out to our team.