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Customers in New Jersey’s deregulated energy market can purchase power from independent suppliers incentivized to offer low commercial energy rates. New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities deregulated gas and electricity in 1999 to introduce competition into its market, allowing customers to buy affordable energy plans from third-party suppliers who were offering some of the lowest commercial electric and natural gas rates in the state.

New Jersey Energy Statistics

New Jersey is one of the United States largest users of natural gas and nuclear electric power to support its industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

Natural gas and nuclear power alone account for more than 90% of the state’s net electricity generation.

Compared to the average state, more of New Jersey’s energy is produced from cleaner sources. In fact, New Jersey is the country’s fifth largest producer of solar energy, and nearly 75% of the state’s renewable generation comes from solar power.

How EMEX Helps

EMEX is an energy procurement firm that helps organizations of all sizes find the best energy plans for their operations. By participating in EMEX’s Reverse Auction, customers receive real-time competitive rates from top energy suppliers.

EMEX Energy Analyst also help New Jersey businesses compare the best natural gas and electricity rates prior any contract being signed, making energy procurement easier than ever before.

In addition to our environmentally friendly procurement options, we also help organizations meet sustainability initiatives through efficiency upgrades and demand response solutions, with plans that are tailored to the business’ individual goals and requirements.

Utilities in Your Market

EMEX is proud to offer services in several leading New Jersey utilities, including:

  • Atlantic City Electric
  • Elizabethtown Gas
  • Jersey Central Power & Light (JCPL)
  • New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG)
  • Public Service Gas & Electric (PSE&G)
  • Rockland Electric
  • South Jersey Gas

We help your organization cut through the complexity of energy procurement. By partnering with competitive suppliers who offer energy rates tailored to your industry, you’ll improve your business’ bottom line and optimize its everyday operations.

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