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Consumers in Illinois’ deregulated energy market can choose to procure their power from independent suppliers incentivized to offer competitive commercial energy rates. Illinois deregulated its energy market in 2002, after experiencing some of the highest electricity rates in the country. Several years later, the State General Assembly passed the Retail Electric Competition Act to help retail electric providers (REPs) better serve residential and small business customers. Illinois boasted some of the country’s lowest energy rates in 2013, and it’s still notable for its affordable energy today.


Illinois Energy Statistics

Illinois is one of the nation’s largest energy-producing states due to its thriving industrial sector.

It’s currently ranked first in the nation in net electricity generation from nuclear power, and the state’s six nuclear plants accounted for 12% of U.S. nuclear power generation.

The energy usage required to sustain Illinois’ petroleum refining and coal mining enterprises make it a national leader in consumption as well.


How EMEX Helps

EMEX is an energy procurement firm that helps organizations and businesses of all sizes find the best commercial electric rates in Illinois and beyond. By participating in EMEX’s Reverse Auction, you’ll receive real-time offers from top energy suppliers competing for your business.

Upon completion of the auction, an EMEX Energy Analyst will help your business compare natural gas and energy rates from various Illinois suppliers prior to signing a contract.

In addition to our environmentally friendly procurement options, EMEX can further support your organization’s sustainability initiatives through efficiency upgrades and demand response solutions. Our energy consultants will help you formulate plans that are specific to your individual goals and requirements.


Utilities in Your Market

EMEX is proud to offer services in several leading Illinois utilities, including:

  • Ameren Utilities
  • Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)
  • MidAmerican Energy
  • North Shore Gas
  • Peoples Gas

We help your organization cut through the complexity of energy procurement. By partnering with competitive suppliers who offer energy rates tailored to your industry, you’ll improve your business’ bottom line and optimize its everyday operations.

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