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As the most technologically advanced Energy Procurement firm in the United States, EMEX is thrilled about what the future holds. Our pipeline of upcoming innovations include intelligent hedging strategies for all the markets we serve, as well as the constant evolution of our online platforms with an array of cost and resource saving technologies. EMEX’s continued goal is to remain the industry leader in market solutions and maximizing customer savings, guiding the future of energy procurement in the process.

The Energy Market Exchange

EMEX® Reverse Auctions are the most effective method for procuring electricity and natural gas in the Energy Industry. By pitting highly competitive suppliers in the market against each other in the real-time bidding platform, our groundbreaking technology generates the lowest possible energy rates. With a thriving community of top tier energy suppliers, Reverse Auction results consistently deliver a satisfying experience with cost-saving results.

The EMEX Reverse Auction platform represents the pinnacle of procurement technology within the Energy Sector, but that is only the beginning for EMEX. As the market evolves so does EMEX and its technology, ensuring our clients always have access to the most cutting edge tools and resources available.

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At EMEX, we continually invest in strong relationships, listening and responding to our customers and the markets we serve. Through these relationships, we pursue the most critical and complex challenges to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our expert resources give you logical solutions based on current market conditions. A team of EMEX Senior Analysts constantly track market movement, Natural Gas Futures, and our suppliers’ pricing trends. Following the reports of Henry Hub – a distribution hub for natural gas selected by the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) as the official delivery mechanism for the world's natural gas futures, our analysts create hedging strategies and product suggestions individually tailored to how each unique customer operates. Clients are then guided through the easy and seamless energy procurement process, ultimately culminating in a Reverse Auction. This unique approach, combined with our integrated technology and services, goes beyond product support. Each individual action is pursued in the context of its larger impact – Empowering our Customers.

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