The EMEX® Reverse Auction

What is an EMEX Reverse Auction?

The EMEX® Reverse Auction is an innovative platform that has created a strategic shift in how energy is bought and sold throughout the country. EMEX’s real-time competitive bidding technology has become a game-changer because of its ability to uncover the lowest rates for business and government entities, and is considered a best practice for energy procurement. By inviting the most competitive energy suppliers in the market to bid in a reverse auction hosted exclusively for your company, all participants are able to bid and counter-bid in the transparent, real-time platform that goes on until the lowest rates in the market are uncovered. The process ensures fair and transparent competition, which benefits suppliers who want to win more business and challenges the entire market to offer competitive rates.


Register Online in 2 Minutes or Less

With little more than your name and contact details, you can register for an EMEX® Reverse Auction and we’ll take care of the rest – at no cost to you. You’ll no longer have to review and compare various quotes over days, or spend countless resources trying to save money on energy.


Schedule your Reverse Auction

Your reverse auction can be scheduled to start as quickly as a few days after you register. We’ll accommodate your desired time frame and make adjustments to suit your schedule.

An energy reverse auction on your schedule


Watch Energy Suppliers Compete for Your Business

Most EMEX® Reverse Auctions take around 10 minutes from start to finish. While energy suppliers bid and counter-bid to win your business, you simply watch as the rates fall and the savings opportunity grows.

Energy reverse auction for electricity or natural gas


Select a Supplier or Schedule Another Reverse Auction

An EMEX Energy Analyst is with you throughout the entire energy procurement process, and will advise you during the live reverse auction. After the auction, detailed savings analyses becomes available to instantly review projected savings, allowing you to accurately incorporate energy expenses into your budgets. Your new rate and terms can be locked-in for up to 5 years and there is no cost or obligation if you’re not ready to move forward after the auction is held.

Reverse Auction Contracts

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