EMEX® Utility Group
Wholesale Auction Technology for
Utilities and Large Industrials

Wholesale Reverse Auctions: A Best Practice in Energy Procurement

Wholesale and midmarket buyers of natural gas and power can now take advantage of best-in-class reverse auction technology from EMEX Utility Group (EUG). The reverse auction is a proven procurement method that enhances the transparency of wholesale energy transactions, and gives energy sellers a level playing field when trying to win a purchaser’s business. Wholesale RFPs are facilitated through EUG, streamlining the administrative time it takes for a buyer to transact.

  • Regulatory Compliant Platform

    EUG auctions are recorded and available for board or regulator review, and we provide timestamped auction history documentation following each event upon request. The time stamp includes company name, price, and time of each offer made.

  • Last Look Technology Provides Transparency and Fairness

    EUG Auctions’ last look technology lets sellers see what their competitors’ offers are and allows all sellers to submit counter-offers until no one can beat the lowest listed prices, giving buyers the confidence to transact knowing they’ve gotten the best price in the market.

    Supplier names are masked to each other to protect their privacy, while the buyer sees each supplier’s name and their associated offer(s).

  • An Assortment of Energy Products for Any Client Need

    EUG offers a diverse range of energy products that can be transacted upon by reverse auction, including base load, baseload + asset management agreement (AMA), and price + volume. EUG allows for bids or offers to be made on multiple terms during the same auction, allowing end users to efficiently evaluate several purchasing options at once. EUG works closely with its clients to develop new technology to facilitate any type of wholesale energy product that they may need.

  • Forward Auctions Allow Producers to Sell Production at Its True Market Price

    EUG runs forward auctions for its customers, enabling them to sell their production or excess gas into a competitive marketplace where buyers will bid and counterbid until the high bid is established. EUG’s physical auction handles transactions in an easy and efficient manner that expedites the seller’s process while ensuring they get the highest bids from the participants they chose to bring in.

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