EMEX Energy Procurement and
Risk Management

EMEX offers a unique and efficient approach to energy procurement. Backed by a team of experts and analysts, EMEX provides businesses of all sizes with optimized energy solutions through our consultative services. We work closely with you to analyze your energy use and design individual solutions for procuring energy.

EMEX Energy Analysts offer an array of planning options for major commercial and industrial corporations as well as small businesses. These planning services include:

An assessment of energy needs: EMEX analysts work with you to come up with the best energy management strategy. We review your energy budget, risk management objectives and historical usage data against current market conditions to assess your organization’s energy opportunities. We work with you to formulate a Customized Energy Strategy and consult on every angle of the energy procurement process—from effective risk management to achieving budgetary goals.

Expert guidance: Our senior analysts track the market movement of Natural Gas Futures and follow the reports of Henry Hub, a distribution hub on the natural gas pipeline system selected by the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) as the official delivery mechanism for the world’s natural gas futures, ensuring procurement decisions are always made knowing the real-time conditions of the energy market.

Contract management: When a supplier is selected, EMEX will help you review the final terms of the new contract. You can examine several contract options for long- or short-term energy needs that ensure the best opportunity for savings. After securing an energy rate, EMEX provides an ongoing market monitoring service where we will continually look for ways to help you reduce your energy cost through future opportunities.

Government Relations

EMEX has an established track record of working collaboratively with government customers, applying our knowledge, expertise and technology across all aspects of energy management to develop a true assessment of your energy needs and potential savings. Additionally, EMEX’s legal team will work with you and your board members or legal counsel, negotiate contract terms on your behalf with energy suppliers, and ensure a full understanding of any agreement; all of these processes are fundamental parts of EMEX’s services and are done at no cost to you.

Your dedicated EMEX Government Relations team includes an Energy Analyst and Risk Management Experts who will work with you and your board to determine the best course of action according to your needs. They will review all aspects of your energy portfolio and will discuss the best options, including suggestions on term length, product type, and important contract provisions to include in the RFP.

Engineering and Development

The unique process of EMEX is unlike any other procurement technology available. EMEX’s EMEX® Reverse Auction is field-proven and unsurpassed in engineering excellence. EMEX’s engineering team is continually developing online energy procurement solutions with reliable, cutting-edge technology that helps reduce the cost of electricity and natural gas with complete transparency. The online platform and the type of energy products available are constantly evolving and adapting to the best-practices of the current market. The more sophisticated the energy market becomes, the more EMEX is able to take its software to the next level; this includes both customer interface enhancements and a supplier portal written with the algorithms that allows for a “well-tuned” and seamless process for everyone.

An EMEX Consultant is ready to get you the best rate – right now.