Municipalities and Government Agencies

Maximized Savings with Cutting Edge, Time-Saving Technology

Unbiased Access to Suppliers Maximizes Savings

As a decision-maker in the procurement process, you are responsible for securing the best overall value for your energy dollar. In order to do that, you need as many suppliers as possible bidding for your business, and a platform that drives their prices down.

EMEX's Reverse Auction platform provides the hyper-competitive bidding environment which complements the RFP process that brings in the interested suppliers. This premier level of competition, combined with EMEX’s refined risk management approach, creates procurement events where the lowest possible rates are always uncovered.

Saving Taxpayer Dollars and Board Member Resources

The traditional RFP process can be tedious, waste valuable administrative and legal resources, and often generates unsatisfactory results with a lackluster response from vendors.

EMEX® Reverse Auctions take the pain out of the RFP process by handling the entire administrative process, and consistently bringing a wider base of suppliers to the table compared to the traditional method of requesting quotes. Our RFPs are done through a highly automated, uniform process that saves dozens of hours for both the customer and the suppliers, meaning suppliers are much more likely to participate. EMEX is in full compliance with all regulatory and state laws for local unit procurement, including approval from the New Jersey DCA.

EMEX® Reverse Auctions Are Changing the Game for
Municipalities and Government Agencies

With "apples to apples" bids and millions saved by local municipalities, utility authorities, and other various government agencies year after year, EMEX® Reverse Auctions are changing the game by putting the Power to save Money where it belongs: in the hands of Local Decision-Makers.

See how Reverse Auction works to get you the best rate in the market.

“In the last 2 years we’ve saved over $160,000 thanks to EMEX. We couldn’t be happier.”

Total Savings: $163,232

Tim Quinn, Administrator
Township of Morris
New Jersey

Tim Quinn, Administrator Township of Morris, New Jersey

“We knew we were in good hands with EMEX’s Government Relations Team and Lawyers. They were constantly monitoring the market and working on our behalf to get us the lowest energy rate possible,” said Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority’s Executive Director James Meehan. “We know that time is money. We saved an incredible amount of our employees’ time as well as relieved the stress and aggravation seen from the traditional RFP process by using EMEX’s Team and Reverse Auction platform.”

Executive Director James Meehan
Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority
New Jersey

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