Domestic Manufacturing Trends: Year-Over-Year Growth via Indirect Energy Procurement Partnerships

When it comes to calculating long-term expenditures, few industries are as complex as industrial and manufacturing. Between the ever-changing costs of raw materials, commodities, and the energy needed to run your business, it’s difficult to navigate – much less secure long-term budget certainty – in a way that benefits your bottom line across such volatile markets.

Why are commercial and industrial corporations relying on outside consultants for energy management?

The complexities of effective energy procurement and management practices have become a crucial topic of discussion recently due to a multitude of factors including, internal expertise and resource constraints, regulatory and policy changes, market volatility, growing corporate renewable and sustainable initiatives and much more.

“I have partnered with EMEX at several companies throughout my career because their experts deliver consistent results.  I am confident in their ability to manage multi-site portfolios with flexible options to meet any need. EMEX is my go-to choice for turnkey portfolio management solutions.”

Kurt Rodebaugh, VP of Global Operations at Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp.

These aggregated dynamics have resulted in a staggering 45% increase year-over-year in the outsourcing of this critical function to energy consulting firms across the country. Based on real-time feedback from the industrial sector, there are a multitude of advantages achieved through outsourcing to a trusted partner, including:

  • Real-Time Commodity Management 
  • Internal Resource and Project Optimization 
  • Customized Energy Solutions, Including Contract and Product Design
  • Financial Reporting and Reconciliation
  • Renewable and Sustainable Strategy Design/Implementation
  • Real-time Operations Support
  • Increased Supplier/Vendor Bid Participation
  • Vetted Suppliers/Vendors 

What should you look for when selecting an energy consultant?

As with any industry, it is a crowded market of companies claiming they can help with energy needs, however it is important to ensure you are partnering and trusting your business with a true expert. Look at the options presented to ensure the full strategy includes procurement, sustainability and efficiency options, timing approach for hedges, monitoring solutions, as well as a clear outline of ongoing support.

As your energy partner, EMEX gives your organization the flexibility to make educated energy decisions – along with the tools, resources, and expert insights to meet your sustainability and efficiency objectives.

Contact us today to get started with a complimentary energy strategy to help your organization reduce energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and reach your long-term financial goals.