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As a non-profit, your ability to change the world is often limited by your budget. When operational costs are high, expanding your non-profit’s reach and fulfilling your purpose becomes more difficult.

With EMEX, you’ll gain access to a team of energy experts, valuable resources, and simple account management tools that make energy procurement easier and more economical than ever before. Combined with our proven experience in helping non-profits achieve their financial and operational goals, we serve as a true energy partner for your organization.

Through our Reverse Auction, EMEX delivers a simple, straightforward approach to reducing your operational expenses – enabling you to put your time and focus towards building on your mission and vision.

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The Salvation Army - EMEX - Energy Procurement
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United Methodist Children's Home - EMEX - Energy Procurement
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Bethany Baptist Church - EMEX - Energy Procurement

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Our solutions offer your organization the resources and expertise to reduce energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and reach your long-term financial goals.

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