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As budgets tighten, and compliance requirements become more rigorous and complex, governments are faced with finding new approaches to stay on-budget, meet operational objectives, and run with greater efficiency – particularly when it comes to energy.

As a long-time partner of local governments across the United States, EMEX has deep insight into your unique budget and regulatory challenges. With natural gas and electricity costs changing constantly, and green energy becoming the new standard, we offer a complete range of solutions designed to reduce your energy costs, meet your sustainability initiatives, and demonstrate community leadership.

Our EMEX Reverse Auction not only helps you take control of your long-term energy expenses, giving you access to the lowest rates from local suppliers, but also eliminates your need to distribute complicated RFPs. Plus, by leveraging our longstanding experience in your industry, you’ll feel confident knowing you have an energy partner who navigates your unique contracting procedures with skill and expertise.

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What Our Clients Say

East Hanover, New Jersey

"EMEX provided the Township of East Hanover with the best combination of energy savings, ease of process, clear explanation of the reverse auction process, as well as a simple process to execute the necessary steps to take full advantage of the energy savings to the Township."
Joe Pannullo, Mayor
Total Savings: $88,844.01

Kickapoo, Texas

"The EMEX Reverse Auction could not have been easier, and we were absolutely thrilled with the price we received. EMEX went above and beyond to assist us with all of our specific needs.”
Janice Clark, Purchasing Manager, Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas
Total Savings: $1,967,660.95

City of Lima, Ohio

“We developed a strong relationship with EMEX and consider them a partner in energy procurement. They listened and responded to our needs and concerns for an apples-to-apples comparison, generating an optimal RFP for all bidders to address. Our results were compelling with impressive multi-year savings,” commented Mayor Berger, “We believe we achieved the best possible outcome and are pleased to have EMEX as a trusted resource going forward.”
David Berge, Mayor
Expected to save the City more than $560,000
City of Lima - EMEX

Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority, New Jersey

“We knew we were in good hands with EMEX’s government relations team and lawyers. They were constantly monitoring the market and working on our behalf to get us the lowest energy rate possible. We know that time is money. We saved an incredible amount of our employees’ time as well as relieved the stress and aggravation seen from the traditional RFP process by using EMEX’s team and Reverse Auction platform.”
James Meehan, Executive Director

Lakewood Township, New Jersey

“ EMEX’s reverse auction platform over-performed for us. The competition from suppliers was intense with savings beyond expectations.”
Albert Akerman, Mayor
Total Savings: Over $250,000

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City of Defiance - EMEX
Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas - EMEX - Energy Procurement
State of Texas - EMEX Energy Procurement
Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority
City of Temple - EMEX
Belleville Illinoise - EMEX

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