Advanced Energy Management & Procurement Solutions Designed for Your Organization

When you partner with EMEX, you access a team of energy experts who understand the unique needs of your industry. With energy products and services designed with your industry in mind, we customize our solutions to meet your organization’s energy needs and financial objectives.

Small Business

Lower your long-term energy costs and stabilize your energy budget with EMEX’s Reverse Auction and advanced energy solutions.
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Energy and Electricity Savings for Small Business

Commercial & Industrial

Operate more efficiently by securing long-term energy savings through the EMEX Reverse Auction and our customized energy services.
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Municipal & Government

Maximize your long-term energy budget and meet your sustainability objectives with solutions designed for your market and local community.
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Energy and Electricity Savings for Towns and Municipalities


Reduce operational expenses and overcome budget challenges by leveraging our exclusive Reverse Auction and tailored energy solutions.
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Energy and Electricity Savings for Schools


Get simple, streamlined energy procurement solutions that help you reach your financial goals and focus on achieving your mission.
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Energy and Electricity Savings for Non Profits


Discover how EMEX’s Reverse Auction and energy efficiency solutions enable budget flexibility for the hospitality industry.
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Energy and Electricity Savings for Hotels

Innovative & Strategic Energy Solutions
Customized for Your Organization

From our products to our services, we ensure your organization is equipped with a comprehensive energy strategy tailored to your financial, operational and sustainability objectives. Leveraging leading-edge resources and proprietary technologies, EMEX helps streamline energy procurement, and prepares your organization for its long-term energy initiatives.
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