EMEX Supports Renewable Energy and Municipal Green Initiatives in New Jersey


Municipalities have their hands full nowadays. Not only do they have to take care of running all of the critical business functions of their communities within a tight budget, they also have to consider the societal impact of their decisions. One of the most prevalent considerations is ensuring a sustainable ecosystem for future generations.

More and more New Jersey Municipalities have heeded the call of implementing sustainability initiatives and carefully monitoring their progress. Many of them are doing so through organized programs, such as Sustainable Jersey. Others follow their own constituents’ expectations to make decisions that will positively impact their communities for years to come.

EMEX has had firsthand experience with the various initiatives of a great number of New Jersey’s government entities, having worked with over 250 New Jersey municipal and school clients since becoming an approved DCA vendor for energy procurement in 2011. Many communities look to EMEX to help procure their Electricity and/or Natural Gas supply by utilizing The EMEX Reverse Auction to get the best possible price.

EMEX has created progressive solutions that not only help rate payers, but also enable municipalities to “check off the boxes” that fulfill their green Initiatives. One of the simplest and most effective steps to take is procuring electricity through energy suppliers that provide at least 20% green power, where that specified portion of green energy comes from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Communities that want to take it a step further can work with EMEX to have their percentage of green power be anything they want, all the way up to 100%. The premium that local energy suppliers add for additional green is typically nominal.

With all of the different responsibilities a municipality needs to juggle, EMEX understands that being able to tout that you are moving forward with green initiatives while still minimizing energy costs can help maintain a great standing with your local residents. EMEX makes going green while getting the best price on electricity and natural gas an easy process. Call EMEX today to get started, with local energy experts readily available for meetings and consultations.

Article previously published in the NJCM Magazine