EMEX, LLC Releases Natural Gas Outlook for the Remainder of 2015


HOUSTON, Texas, April 28, 2015 With prices at the lowest level in 3 years, EMEX counsels clients to take advantage of buying opportunities.

EMEX, LLC, a leading consulting and energy risk management firm powered by the latest technology, has released its Natural Gas Futures outlook for the remainder of 2015, along with the procurement recommendations for its clients throughout the deregulated regions of the United States. According to its forecast, EMEX believes natural gas futures are currently closer to a floor than a ceiling and gas for the balance of the year will be range-bound between $2.50 – $3.25. With natural gas prices significantly down compared to a year ago, rig counts have fallen, signaling a likely downturn in production and providing what appears to be solid support at the $2.50 level.

Falling Natural Gas futures prices have also driven wholesale electricity prices lower, especially in those regions of the country where natural gas is a significant fuel source for electric generation, such as Texas and the Northeast. Wholesale energy prices are at the lowest levels in years, leading EMEX to recommend clients secure long-term energy contracts to take advantage of favorable prices.

“Energy consumers that are ready to procure their next contracts are enjoying the perfect storm of low commodity prices, intense supplier competition to win their business, and the power of EMEX’s technology and consultancy , creating compelling savings and cost-hedging opportunities”, commented EMEX President Dan Marzuola.

Longer term, EMEX and other market analysts expect natural gas prices to climb. This anticipated increase is fueled by the following factors:

  • Current low prices have led to a slow-down in production and a precipitous drop in the number of rigs in operation, even in some of the richer natural gas shale formations;
  • An increase in natural gas consumption for electricity generation, especially in light of significant projected coal plant retirements; and
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the U.S. to other countries, exposing the U.S. natural gas market to global price competition.

EMEX has facilitated over a billion dollars in commercial energy transactions, and consults businesses, governmental entities, and schools across all deregulated areas of the United States with advanced energy-rate monitoring tools to highlight savings & hedging opportunities year-round.


EMEX, LLC is a leading energy consulting firm specializing in delivering unique solutions to help clients nationwide understand and manage their energy risk exposure. Drawing upon over a century of energy market expertise and utilizing technology to facilitate energy transactions and provide EMEX clients with exceptional market transparency, EMEX is changing the way consumers secure their future energy needs. For additional information, please visit our website at: https://energymarketexchange.com/