EMEX, LLC helping more Commercial & Industrial Businesses and Municipalities save money by opening its Natural Gas services to Indiana, Maryland and Michigan


EMEX has expanded its online reverse auction technology for natural gas within Indiana’s Northern Indiana Public Service & Citizens Gas utilities, Maryland’s Baltimore Gas & Electric and Washington Gas utilities, and Michigan’s Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, Michigan Gas Utilities and SEMCO Energy utility areas.


Houston, TX – March 31, 2014 – EMEX, LLC, a leading technology firm that is revolutionizing how energy is being bought and sold through its live Exchange, announces its pursuit to help commercial and industrial corporations, municipalities, and small businesses throughout Indiana, Maryland and Michigan save money on their Natural Gas.

Businesses and government entities throughout the deregulated states are faced with a range of challenges to meet their energy needs by having to deal with the volatile natural gas market that drives energy prices. While businesses cannot control the conditions of the natural gas market, they can control their own risk and what they pay for their energy by utilizing EMEX’s advanced reverse auction platform and the expert consultation of its analysts.

EMEX’s natural gas procurement strategy involves a reverse auction platform that puts the purchasing power in the hands of the buyers. Through the Energy Market Exchange reverse auction platform, buyers are able to get the best price in the real-time market and find the suppliers that provide the greatest value.

Todd Segmond, CEO of EMEX, LLC remarked, “With a unique and revolutionary way to bring logical energy solutions to the businesses, municipalities, and schools of America, the Energy Market Exchange enables customers of all sizes to meet their energy needs at the lowest price. We are excited to continue to expand where EMEX’s services are available as we offer groundbreaking technology to more and more states where customers need a level playing field to ensure they’re getting the best deal they can”

EMEX’s Flagship platform, The EMEX® Reverse Auction – recognized for its Innovation and Excellence in Electricity Procurement – is now available for Natural Gas Procurement throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Through this platform, EMEX already helps procure billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity for its customers throughout the deregulated states, reducing energy expenses by over one hundred million dollars annually.



EMEX, LLC is a leading technology firm that is revolutionizing how energy is bought and sold through its live Reverse Auction Exchange. The Exchange creates a real-time trading environment that compels sellers to compete, resulting in prices dropping precipitously for businesses procuring energy. EMEX continues to develop new platforms that specialize in Exchanges for all industry types in order to provide a real-time buying and selling environment for all commodities, products, and services.

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