EMEX, LLC has Launched its Online Exchange for the Reverse Auctioning of Natural Gas in New York


New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Illinois Natural Gas customers are already benefiting from cost savings through the Exchange and now commercial and industrial businesses in New York can realize the same Natural Gas cost savings.


Houston, TX – February 10, 2014 – EMEX, LLC a leading technology firm that is revolutionizing how energy is being bought and sold through its live Exchange, announces the launch of its Reverse Auctioning for Natural Gas within New York.

EMEX has opened up the portal for Natural Gas Reverse Auctionswithin 9 NY utilities: ConEd, National Fuel, Central Hudson, Rochester Gas & Electric, Orange & Rockland, New York State Electric & Gas, National Grid – Upstate NY, National Grid – Metro NYC and National Grid – Long Island.

Dan Marzuola, President for EMEX, LLC commented, “ EMEX’s Reverse Auction Platform is field-proven and unsurpassed. We lead in engineering excellence, developing online energy procurement solutions with reliable technology that helps reduce the cost of electricity and natural gas with complete transparency. EMEX understands the details unique to the utility industry when procuring energy. We understand that the energy requirements of our clients are of the utmost importance and that it is our responsibility to save them as much money as possible.”

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Illinois Commercial and Industrial businesses, as well as Government Agencies, have been realizing substantial savings through The Energy Market Exchange (EMEX), utilizing its real-time platform when buying their natural gas and electricity. The Exchange facilitates business through an online trading environment using EMEX’s advanced Reverse Auction technology. Commercial and Government entities act as the buyer and submit their energy requirements through the Exchange platform for National Retail Energy Providers (the sellers) to bid against each other and win the opportunity to be the Consumer’s energy supplier. This dynamic process of an online energy exchange allows customers to achieve a true market price for their energy needs.

EMEX’s Flagship platform, The EMEX® Reverse Auction – recognized for its Innovation and Excellence in Electricity Procurement – is now available for Natural Gas Procurement throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Through this platform, EMEX already helps procure billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity for its customers throughout the deregulated states, reducing energy expenses by over one hundred million dollars annually.




EMEX, LLC is a leading technology firm that is revolutionizing how energy is bought and sold through its live Reverse Auction Exchange. The Exchange creates a real-time trading environment that compels sellers to compete, resulting in prices dropping precipitously for businesses procuring energy. EMEX continues to develop new platforms that specialize in Exchanges for all industry types in order to provide a real-time buying and selling environment for all commodities, products, and services. 

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