EMEX, LLC Forges a New Breed of Energy Risk Management Services


HOUSTON, Texas, May 7, 2015 – EMEX, LLC, a leading consulting and energy risk management firm powered by the latest technology, has expanded its focus on clients, creating unique products and partnerships to help key segments of the U.S. economy. Recently innovated energy supply products for managing energy cost risk are now available to Asset Management Companies, the Hospitality Industry and Foundries across the deregulated U.S. territories.

“We continue to evolve and improve our umbrella of energy risk management services throughout North America as our footprint grows,” says Todd Bennett, EMEX Director of National Accounts. “The energy markets in the U.S. are undergoing a dramatic shift resulting from increased natural gas supplies and governmental regulations. As the market changes, large consumers of electricity and natural gas should be looking to implement energy cost risk management strategies that are consistent with their unique needs.”

The energy products developed by EMEX, coupled with its proprietary Reverse Auction and Exchange platform technologies, drive competition between Retail Energy Suppliers to win the right to provide electricity and/or natural gas to EMEX’s clients. EMEX has partnerships with over 75 major Retail Energy Providers that participate in its reverse auctions, covering the entire deregulated U.S. electricity market and many key states where natural gas is deregulated.

EMEX Vice President Ryan Segmond adds: “With decades’ worth of experience in the commodity, financial and legal markets, EMEX has set the bar for energy supply consultancy through customized commodity structuring and our hyper-competitive bidding mechanisms. We do this by aligning the client’s contract requirements with their internal risk tolerances to design an ideal energy supply product, and then host a supplier bidding war for that product to generate the best possible option. EMEX leads the way in electricity and natural gas product innovation and simple, transparent bidding technology.”

Debbe Borre, Portfolio Manager for Colliers, a client of EMEX’s, comments that “EMEX’s knowledge of Asset Management and Portfolio Services is crucial in formulating effective energy supply products for Colliers’ properties. With each of our assets carrying individual objectives, EMEX’s ability to customize retail energy options in parallel with each property’s needs and requirements helps offset Ownership and Corporate risk while providing immediate financial benefits through the reduction in static operating costs.”

EMEX is now offering Free Energy Supply Audits to major and mid-market corporations and government entities across the country, which allows individual clients and aggregations to monitor real time natural gas and electricity energy supply rates that can be hedged for their portfolio without any legal or financial obligation to transact.


EMEX, LLC is a leading energy consulting firm specializing in delivering unique solutions to help clients nationwide understand and manage their energy risk exposure. Drawing upon over a century of energy market expertise and utilizing technology to facilitate energy transactions and provide EMEX clients with exceptional market transparency, EMEX is changing the way consumers secure their future energy needs. For additional information, please visit our website at: https://energymarketexchange.com/