EMEX, LLC Announces the Formation of a New Subsidiary, EMEX Utility Group


HOUSTON, TX — EMEX, LLC, the largest privately held energy consulting and risk management firm in North America, has announced the opening of its newest division: EMEX Utility Group (EUG), specializing in servicing local distribution companies, municipally owned utilities, and large industrial consumers in procuring electricity and natural gas supply. Already one of the leading consultants for retail commercial, government, and industrial buyers of energy through its revolutionary reverse auction procurement platform, EMEX is now positioning itself to make an impact in the system gas and electricity arena.

“Servicing the next level up in energy consumers is an intuitive step forward for EMEX,” commented Dan Marzuola, President and COO of EMEX. “We are uniquely positioned in this marketplace to offer a compelling new way to buy & sell system gas and electricity through our reverse auction platform, which should provide tremendous value to EUG customers and rate payers in regulated energy markets. Along with our best in class technology, we are building a powerhouse team to ensure we have the necessary expertise to bring a consultative approach to buying large quantities of energy.”

Joining EMEX Utility Group as its Chief Operating Officer is Mike Nemer, who will provide executive leadership and expert guidance, and who will facilitate customer and supplier relationships for the new division. Over the past 20 years prior to joining EMEX, Nemer has been Vice President of EOX/OTCGH, Vice President/General Manager of TFS Energy, a principal member of the wholesale gas division of Amerex Energy, where he served as President of Amerex Natural Gas, Ltd./Amerex USA, and is currently a Managing Partner of Commodities Prime Services.

“EMEX represents an exciting opportunity to become an instant presence in a space that has yet to fully take advantage of modern-era procurement technology like the reverse auction and our last-look methodology,” said Nemer. “EMEX will bring true value to system energy buyers, and I look forward to contributing to the success of the company in any way that I can.”

About EMEX

EMEX, LLC is a leading energy consulting firm, specializing in delivering unique solutions to help clients nationwide understand and manage their energy risk exposure. Utilizing advanced technology to facilitate energy transactions and provide clients with exceptional market transparency, EMEX is changing the way consumers secure their future energy needs.


For More Information, please contact:

Mike Nemer, Chief Operating Officer 
EMEX Utility Group

Phone: 713.521.9797 x 508
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