EMEX Announces Year-to-Date Sales and Financial Results through June 2017


HOUSTON, Aug. 8, 2017 — EMEX, LLC, a leading energy risk management firm powered by the latest technology, today announced its energy sales and financial results through the first half of 2017. Benefiting from its acquisition activities and increased operational efficiencies, EMEX realized a 55% increase in revenue as compared to the first two quarters of 2016 and an 826% increase in net income as compared to the same period, as reported by Kevin McAlpin, Vice President of Finance.

Speaking of these results, EMEX’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Marzuola, remarked: “These results underscore our ability to pursue planned strategies of seeking additional acquisitions and moving into markets outside of the United States.” EMEX is currently exploring markets in Mexico, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. EMEX has also had initial successes with its newly launched subsidiary, EMEX Utility Group, which specializes in servicing the wholesale gas and electricity needs of local distribution companies, municipally owned utilities, and large industrial consumers in both regulated and deregulated markets across the US.

One of the largest energy brokers in North America, EMEX currently has approximately 14 billion kWh and 120 million therms under contract. Utilizing advanced auction technology to facilitate energy transactions and provide clients with exceptional market transparency, EMEX is changing the way consumers secure their future energy needs. For additional information, please visit the EMEX website at: https://energymarketexchange.com/.