Electricity Procurement

With a unique and revolutionary way to bring energy savings through advanced electricity procurement technology to buyers of all sizes, the Energy Market Exchange (EMEX) provides a level playing field for business and government entities. Electricity is a cost that every business needs to consider, and finding the supplier that offers the most value is a challenge within the crowded and confusing supplier marketplace. EMEX Reverse Auction technology is the most transparent electricity procurement service available, enabling businesses and government entities to maximize their electricity savings by having suppliers bid to win their business in a real-time trading environment.

EMEX provides a transparent solution for electricity procurement while also bringing forth the best products across the energy market. Instead of trying to compare “apples-to-oranges” offers from different suppliers and negotiating one price at a time; buyers are able to get pricing in the competitive, real-time reverse auction, where the lowest prices are always uncovered and a level playing field that ensures all bids are “apples-to-apples”.

How it works

EMEX offers an online platform that improves efficiency and allows organizations to make informed decisions on their energy supplier while getting the best prices in the market. Buyers are able to choose their energy supplier based on price and operational needs. Additionally, businesses can minimize their risk by having full market transparency and can expect consultancy available to them through EMEX professionals.

EMEX Electricity Procurement Services

Advantages of EMEX electricity procurement services

Reverse auction platform:

At EMEX, buyers have a unique experience with a highly advanced reverse auction platform that works for businesses at every level, from major commercial and industrial corporations to municipalities and small businesses. Buyers simply log into their EMEX account at the time of an auction and let energy suppliers compete for their business. This exciting process is easy to use and can be completed within the span of a few minutes.

Real-time pricing:

EMEX reverse auctions generate the best rates in the energy market. Buyers sit back and watch as suppliers bid and counter-bid against one another, driving the price of electricity down for the buyer.


EMEX Reverse Auctions typically include between 5 and 10 electricity suppliers that can meet the pre-established needs of the buyer. After the reverse auction, detailed savings analysis become available to instantly review projected savings, allowing buyers to accurately incorporate energy expenses into their budgets.

Risk management:

EMEX consults with all of its buyers to perform a full assessment of their energy needs, and to tailor the energy products on the reverse auction to the specific needs of each individual customer.

No obligation:

As a performance-driven firm, EMEX reverse auctions often bring savings of up to 30 percent on energy needs with no obligation to lock in a rate or sign a contract after the auction. Furthermore, there is no cost should a buyer choose not to move forward with a supplier.

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