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EMEX has proven time and again that its Reverse Auction platform achieves a lower cost than the posted Strike Prices of aggregation programs or other procurement methods for schools. By understanding the needs and challenges of school districts, EMEX has developed a streamlined procurement process that requires little-to-no administrative resources and generates the lowest rates in the market for electricity and natural gas.

The EMEX® Reverse Auction platform has a proven, consistent track record of helping our customers get the best value on energy. EMEX’s risk management assessments allow educational institutions to take advantage of prices when the market is at a low point, not just on the set-in-stone procurement dates that an aggregation or co-op is forced to abide by, when market prices could be at a high point. Take control of your budget and ensure the best possible rate by registering with no obligation, and EMEX will handle the entire RFP process in an approved format that maximizes supplier participation. Your EMEX Consultant will take you through every step of the procurement process, and only after the best value for your school and its budget is assured do we recommend securing a new rate through a Reverse Auction.

See how Reverse Auction works to get you the best rate in the market.

“In 13 minutes, I saved my client $175,000 thanks to EMEX. I was an instant hero.”

Total Savings: $175,761

Albert Telsey, Esq.
Salem City Board of Education
New Jersey

“Working with EMEX was a great experience. I recommend other agencies looking to cut their energy costs consider EMEX Reverse Auctions.”

The Pompton Lakes Board of Education saved over 25% of their total electricity bill with their EMEX Reverse Auction.

TOTAL Savings: $149,598

Paul Amoroso, Superintendent of Schools
Pompton Lakes Board of Education

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