Ryan Hackworth, Franchisee/Owner
Firehouse Subs, Euless, Texas

“The EMEX Reverse Auction experience quickly and easily allowed me to choose the rate and terms for my energy needs. In minutes, I was able to realize substantial savings over my current electric provider, which is vital to the bottom line of any restaurant.”

Neil A. Goldfine, P.E., P.P., Retired Executive Director
Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority, Atlantic City, New Jersey

“I spent my tenure revamping the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority from a neglected system to a modern water-treatment facility, and it was just as important to make sure that I found a way to procure the best price on energy to run the facility. The EMEX Reverse Auction did just that. I was able to watch multiple suppliers outbid each other for Atlantic City MUA’s electricity and choose the lowest rate. One of the great advantages of using EMEX is that EMEX did all the work while complying with all the state regulations for purchasing. It is a good feeling knowing that I retired and left Atlantic City with a modern facility and the lowest available rate on electricity”

Scott J. Tourville, CEO ZEUS Scientific, Inc. Scott J. Tourville, CEO
ZEUS Scientific, Inc.

“I was skeptical about Energy Market Exchange. But, because my business energy costs were several hundred thousand dollars a year, the opportunity to save 20-30% was too significant to ignore. The auction process was so simple. Within 5 minutes, I saw energy companies competing for my business by offering significant discounts. I was able to watch the auction process, see potential savings and then decide if I wanted to commit. Our auction offered a 28% savings over current energy costs. I decided to commit to a time period, and my business began saving 28% annually on our energy bill—no gimmicks, just pure savings. I highly recommend Energy Market Exchange.”

Michael C. Dilts, Executive Vice President & CFO
Switlik Parachute Company

“We worked with EMEX to procure a 12-month electricity contract for Switlik Parachute Co., and we were very pleased with the outcome. When it came time to renew, we chose to extend our commitment and sign a 24-month contract.”

Rick Eustace, Executive Director
Bordentown Sewerage Authority, New Jersey

“EMEX took a lot of information and turned it into a format that was easy for me to understand and that empowered me to make the best decision possible at the time. They did not pressure me to sign a contract and really had Bordentown’s best interest at heart. The unbiased advice they gave me confirmed that I can rely on them for honest advice going forward when it comes to managing Bordentown’s energy costs.”