AFS Energy Solutions Program Provides Optimal Energy Cost Management

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AFS Energy Solutions Program:

With energy prices increasing, the profitability of any metalcasting facility may be at risk. Consider how an effective energy management strategy, tailored to your needs, can help you save time and money.

AFS developed the Energy Solutions program to help AFS Corporate Members manage their energy costs and improve their bottom line. A variety of products and services are available at no upfront cost to AFS members. The program is managed by TDI Consulting, Inc.

In addition to the supply-side risk management services provided by EMEX, our program offers energy demand management components. We help you look for ways to reduce how much energy you use and the best ways to use it. The combination of the supply and demand components of the program offer a comprehensive approach to maximizing savings and minimizing risk.

Demand Management Components:

Energy Usage Monitoring, Analysis and Reduction.

Specialized metrics for foundry furnace operations have been developed and deployed as part of the AFS Energy Solutions program. These metrics were developed under a Research and Development grant from AFS. Currently deployed in several major foundries, this accomplishment earned our program partner the coveted Applied Research Award in 2014.

Energy Management and Demand Reduction.

We help you understand how and when you use energy and the savings from reducing your periods of maximum usage (peak demand). A significant part of the cost of your electric service is directly associated with peak demand each month.

Participate In Incentive Programs From Utilities.

Many utilities and grid operators offer incentives if you are able to reduce your energy consumption during emergencies. We help you assess your options and get you set up to participate in these programs. Many of these programs require you to participate very rapidly. We provide direct, automated interfaces to optimize your savings opportunities. Be able to reap the benefits of these incentives, with minimal impact to your operations.